When you charter a “ship of your own” for a meeting, conference, incentive program or special interest group, you have complete privacy and the ultimate freedom to customize. Nothing compares to being part of an exclusive group on a privately chartered cruise ship or yacht. It’s an experience that your attendees cannot duplicate on their own -and one you simply won’t find at a land-based venue.

Why a Cruise Ship Charter?

There’s nothing like a private cruise ship charter to inspire and motivate the troops. Your chartered ship is a self-contained environment with no outside distractions, boosting event attendance and meeting participation. Since everyone on board is part of your group, there’s more informal mingling, networking, and creative exchange of ideas. Shared, unique experiences both on board and ashore lead to increased camaraderie and stronger relationships.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Chartering a ship requires expert planning and logistical support. Over the last 30 years, Landry & King has sourced ships and operated cruise ship charters for groups of all sizes, all around the world. Our extensive charter program experience, first-hand knowledge of ship operations, and decades-long relationships with the cruise lines has made us the cruise ship charter experts.

We’ll listen to your needs and recommend the best ships with the appropriate space and facilities to accommodate your group, then use our purchasing clout to negotiate the best terms and rates on your behalf. Under your direction, a dedicated Cruise Event Manager will act as your liaison with the cruise line, initiate plans for all aspects of your cruise event, and work with you “behind the scenes” to ensure smooth program implementation.

Customization Is the Key to Your Success

Because you virtually “own” the ship, you can customize your entire cruise event to deliver an exclusive experience that is uniquely your own. You can display your logo freely throughout the ship, fly your company flag from the ship’s mast during the cruise, even custom-design your itinerary and shore excursions. Based on our past experience operating cruise ship charters, we have lots of creative ideas to increase brand awareness and make a lasting impression!

As your liaison  we’ll work with the cruise line to schedule dining times, shipboard activities and entertainment programming around your business agenda or event requirements. You can utilize the ship’s cruise director and entertainers and incorporate them into your events. And of course, you’ll also have exclusive use of all the ship’s facilities and public rooms, giving you greater flexibility to create dynamic meetings and group events when and where you choose.