Product Launch

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International Customer Visit & Trade Show

Landry & Kling chartered 2 ships on behalf of a technology company to serve as floating hotels in Boston where they were to host international customers during their a new product showcase. (15,000 people)

Lead time for the new product launch was less than a year away, and hotels were already sold out for October—the busy fall foliage season in Boston.


Product Launched During Global Meeting at Sea

Global meeting and Product Launch on cruise shipGlobal Partner Summit combined with a new product launch for a technology company specializing in information storage systems. (350 people).

What do you get when you combine a major new product launch with 3 regional meetings (Asia/Pacific, Europe, The Americas) underwritten by 5 high-caliber sponsors? Could a ship offer adequate breakout rooms, and suitable space for sponsor exhibits, plus display space for 2,000 tons of the new data storage units?