Dockside Charters

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Our 40-Day Ship Charter for Rio Olympics

    Norwegian Getaway 40-day charter for Rio Olympics

    What do you do when you need additional rooms for a major city-wide event? If you’re ship charter specialist Landry & Kling, you bring in a “floating hotel”! On July 24, Norwegian Getaway sailed from Miami nonstop to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the first leg of a 40-night private ship charter brokered by Landry & Kling. The Norwegian Getaway […]


    5 Floating Hotels for Super Bowl

    Super Bowl Jacksonville dockside chartersThe Jacksonville Host Committee chose Landry & Kling to source cruise ships for Super Bowl 2005 because the city’s inventory of nearby hotel rooms fell short of NFL requirements. (6,000 people)

    Ship selection was a complex process due to environmental and technical requirements, physical impediments for ships approaching the berthing points, unbundling of meal pricing and other modifications of ship service.


    Dockside Charter for 5th Summit of the Americas

    Island Nation Faces Accommodations and Meeting Space Challenge for Hosting Two Major Global Events in the same year.

    The Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (GORTT) was appointed as the host nation for the Fifth Summit of the Americas (VSOA) to be held in April 2009 and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in November 2009.


    International Customer Visit & Trade Show

    Landry & Kling chartered 2 ships on behalf of a technology company to serve as floating hotels in Boston where they were to host international customers during their a new product showcase. (15,000 people)

    Lead time for the new product launch was less than a year away, and hotels were already sold out for October—the busy fall foliage season in Boston.


    Pharmaceutical Companies Prescribe Ship Charters

    Landry & Kling chartered 2 ships as floating hotels in New Orleans during the American Heart Association’s annual meeting to provide supplemental housing for pharmaceutical companies and international physicians/guests. (1900 people)

    The American Heart Association’s annual meeting for physicians and pharmaceutical companies had outgrown the available hotel rooms in New Orleans.