Joyce Landry and Jo Kling, co-founders of Landry & Kling Events at Sea

Dedicated to Your Success At Sea

Welcome to the world of Landry & Kling, where we like to say, “Friendships made at sea are said to last a lifetime.” We’re looking forward to working with you!

Our History and Where We Are Today

In 1982,  Joyce Landry and Josephine Kling  founded Landry & Kling, Inc. — the first distribution channel between the cruise industry and corporate America. Since then, our company has become the premier business-to-business resource for meeting and event planners, providing site selection for cruise groups and full ship charters, as well as complete program management services.

Joyce and Jo previously held management positions at several cruise lines, and met while working at Holland America Line. Their industry experience gave them the knowledge and contacts to create a specialized niche, becoming the first travel company focused exclusively on planning meetings at sea and cruise ship charters for all kinds of organizations.

Cruise Meetings & Events Specialization – What Sets Us Apart

Our exclusive focus is planning meetings and events at sea.  We listen to your needs, help you select the right ship, and translate your program to the seagoing environment. At Landry & Kling, our team of experienced cruise veterans remove the unknowns related to cruise events and help you maximize your ROI.

Over the years, we’ve established a network of  relationships with every cruise line, as well as the best ground operators and suppliers in worldwide destinations.  These relationships enable us to take our clients’ programs to the next level and create extraordinary events. We anticipate the unexpected and create safety nets and contingencies to protect our client’s investments.

Variety of Services to Custom-Fit Your Program Needs

We offer a choice of services to meet your specific program needs, including: expert ship selection, contract negotiations, ship and port site inspections, total program logistical planning, on-site implementation, and marketing support. We specialize in planning and operating full-ship charters; as well as dockside charters or “floating hotels” for major sporting events, government summits , city-wide conventions or global events.

Our Cruise Line Negotiation Power Works for You

No one has negotiated a wider variety of cruise and charter contracts than Landry & Kling. Our long-time relationships and purchasing volume help us get the results you want, maximizing value and protecting your long-term interests. We negotiate the lowest rates, and secure the most amenities to stretch your budget.  For group events, and especially full-ship charters, the smallest contract details can make a huge difference in your program success – and your bottom line.

Cruise Destination Knowledge & Port Contracts

All destinations are not created equal. We help you select the itinerary and ports that best support your program goals. We enjoy long-established relationships with reliable destination management companies and suppliers around the world who bring the same commitment to your program as we do. Landry & Kling located in Miami, Cruise Capital of the World

Location, Location, Location

Our location in South Florida, the “Cruise Capital of the World”, also works to your advantage. Our proximity to several ports and cruise line headquarters allows us to inspect more ships and meet face-to-face with cruise line executives and ship operational staff on your behalf.

Customization vs the Cookie-Cutter Cruise

Planners know that customization is critical to the success of their program. We can help with creative ideas, and ensure that you capitalize on all the customization opportunities possible on your ship – including many that can be negotiated on a complimentary basis.    Full-ship charters allow for unlimited customization – even the itinerary can be adjusted to support your agenda. Allow us to show you what’s possible.

The Best Staff in the Business

For over 30 years, our staff of experienced cruise managers have been an integral part of  our clients’ formula for success. We have the proven ability to handle multiple overlapping programs in any season of the year. Strong relationships are the core of our business – you can count on us to be responsive, thorough and upbeat in our day-to-day work with you.

Tact, Poise, Discretion

Over the years, our experience with a variety of ships, destinations, and situations; plus our knowledge of on-board protocol, enables us to anticipate and resolve problems and overcome obstacles… usually before our clients are even aware of them.

Bonding, Registration, Insurance, Accountability

We are bonded by the Cruise Lines International Association and are duly licensed as a “Seller of Travel”. We are accustomed to managing all expenses related to our clients’ cruise programs, overseeing onboard accounting during program implementation, and providing a final detailed reconciliation of all accounts at program completion. We maintain significant insurance coverage as required by many of our corporate clients.

How We Make You the Star

No other firm in the industry puts our depth of experience at your disposal – because no other firm has it. What does that mean to you in real-world terms? Quick response. Maximum value. Risk reduction. Untroubled sleep. And a thoroughly rewarding experience, with praise heaped upon you for your impeccable planning.

We’ve spent 30 years mastering meetings at sea, so you won’t have to. You know what it takes to produce an event at a hotel or resort. We know what it takes to convert that program to a cruise environment for seamless execution at sea. We’ll help you deliver “more bang for the buck” with customized experiences that will top last year’s program and make you the superstar.