Why Choose a Cruise for Your Meeting, Incentive Program or Group Event?

Only 24% of the U.S. adult population has taken a cruise, which means cruising is a new and exciting travel experience that motivates. A sea-going venue offers many advantages for meeting and group travel planners – here are some of the key benefits of choosing a cruise for your event:

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas for meetings, incentives, group events

  • Better Budget Control. Meals, meeting space, use of Audio-Visual equipment, recreational activities and evening entertainment are all included, meaning better budget control and less out-of-pocket expense for attendees.
  • More bang for your buck. Theaters and lounges feature state-of-the-art sound, light and projection systems and built-in décor, saving you considerable time and money and giving your presentations a greater “wow” factor.
  • A ship is a self-contained environment, fostering relationship-building and encouraging greater meeting attendance and participation. There are less outside distractions on a ship, so your attendees can focus more on the program agenda.
  • Cruises offer multi-generational appeal, so your cruise program will motivate and reward everyone. Kids and teens have their own activities and lounges on ships, making family program planning a breeze.
  • Superior Service. Ship staff-to-guest ratio is generally three times that of most resorts, so everyone in your group will receive attentive and personalized service.
  • Dining options and changing menus in a variety of venues makes meals at sea memorable. From elegant dining rooms to intimate specialty restaurants and casual poolside grills, there is something to please every taste – healthy and diet-specific options are always available  Guests order “off the menu” and enjoy unlimited servings.
  • Adventure and convenience: Your group can visit multiple destinations with comfort and ease on a cruise ship – no extra packing and unpacking. Each day in a new port brings the anticipation of exploration, discovery and adventure ; and sharing new travel adventures enhances camaraderie within your organization.
  • Planning an international program? Your cruise is purchased in U.S. dollars, so no need to worry about the financial risk of currency fluctuations.
  • A unique experience on a ship builds company/brand identity loyalty and lasting relationships to deliver a solid return on investment.
  • A secure ship environment, particularly on a cruise ship charter, protects company privacy and reduces risk.